Anastasia & Sasha Laukart
Alte Nürnberger Str. 47,
93059 Regensburg

Steuernummer: 244 / 281 / 20260

VAT: DE359933814

Person responsible for editorial

Alexander Tonsin

About Laukart Photography


Editorials, Model, Beauty, Commercial

Art direction, Styling, art director, creative director

Anastasia & Sasha Laukart is an international creative duo and partners in life. Their creative vision and goals combine photography, art direction and moving picture.

For more than 9 years in photography Anastasia and Sasha worked for multiply fashion magazines, high end modeling agencies and brands. Passion to fashion, artistic nude and grunge culture make their vision a unique mix of bold, fearless and sexual appealing vibe with a touch of young sadness.

In year 2021, Anastasia & Sasha organize an own fashion magazine the Metalhead magazine that helps them understand the sphere of fashion deeper inside and build up connections in Milan, Paris and London.

Based in Regensburg, constantly available also in Munich, Berlin.