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Pitch Perfect

Interview with Lera Abova for the Metalhead Magazine

Lera Abova exklusiv für the Metalhead Magazine

If I am honest, it all feels pretty surreal. I remember talking to my agent years ago, telling him: C‘mon Josh, as If I would ever land a role in an american comedy series and oh boy, was I surprised when I got that confirmation call back, followed by the first table read with the rest of the cast and and and.

Now, being a part of this project, surrounded by all these professional, talented actors, writers, directors and producers, that also happen to be amazing people – I start to realize, how truly lucky I was let alone the constant support I get from them. They all are such good people – they understand that a newbie needs some kind of reassurance and I get more than enough of it.

It only takes one team to believe in you and they are this team for me. I think they don’t even understand how much they have done for me. And I will never forget them. These past years I felt lost and deeply depressed, as I didn’t know what’s next and simply lost faith in myself and my talent.

The first time I appeared on the big screen (Thanks to my personal hero Luc Besson) was one of the happiest moments in my life, that has awaken new hope and self respect in me. I felt special, irreplaceable. All I ever was – was finally needed.

All of a sudden I wasn’t crazy – I was an actor. For the first time I felt like I was someone. Someone I’m proud of. I was longing for this feeling years after. And the Pitch Perfect crew gave me that very feeling again and as Jameela Jamil told me: I hope for the best and keep my expectations low.

In the series, you play a successful DJane and music producer. How much Lera is potrayed in the role?I feel like my role portrays someone way cooler than me, I low-key always wanted to be. A big part of the character is the dark side of mine I shall never reveal, haha.

A lot of the time I feel disconnected from the crowd, too different. It’s like there would be a thin layer of some kind of shield between my skin and the air that we breathe. And I think, that’s why I understand that role so well. I feel so good playing that character.

But you will understand what I’m talking about as soon as you will see the pilot of the series! Also a big shout out to my coach Goli Samii, who is just brilliant and made me understand the character to the core and find the similarities with it within myself, within my soul. Last but not least – I’m absolutely in love with my looks, thanks to the amazing costume designer Tiziana Corvisieri.

Which creative person inspires you? Nobuyoshi Araki.What is your best memory as a creative?

All I’ve ever known to do was being a creative. The best memories I had were the two huge chances that were given to me and got me out of personal hell at that time. The day David Sims, who happens to be one of my most favourite Photographers of all times, discovered me and changed my life forever; when Luc Besson saw me as an actress and opened the sacred doors to the film industry for me and before all that, the time I’ve met my mother agent Peter.

With him by my side the fashion industry suddenly felt like home right away. Felt safe. Felt like a new beginning, which it was at the end of the day. And how could I forget about the time when I just started modeling and it felt like the world was opening up to me as a different dimension with so much to explore. I was 17 and truly happy back then.

I still remember the summer breeze and how it smelled and felt back then everytime I think about my first photoshoots.How do you get out of a creative slump? Do you have one at all?My whole life is a creative slump. You see, it’s hard for me to enjoy the success I get at any time.

I set a new goal right away and if I don’t reach it as soon as possible I get all fucked up in the head followed by existential fears and self loathing. I would even call it self hate. As I said, I was just lucky enough I always got people coming in and dragging me out of this hole with new projects – or just real friendship. Pure love. New steps in life gift you hope. Feels fucking awesome. Every time.